About The NEST Collaborative

Our Mission Statement

The NEST (Nevada Ensures Support Together) Collaborative fosters relationships and community by harnessing the power of a statewide coalition to provide virtual, volunteer-hosted social support and technology assistance with a special focus on connecting and engaging older adults, veterans and adults living with disabilities.

Our History

In March of 2020, aging services organizations from across the state of Nevada came together under the leadership of the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division in an rapid response to COVID-19 called the Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network, or Nevada CAN. Three action teams were launched to support the most essential needs of elders during the pandemic: a Food and Medication Action Team, a Telehealth action Team, and a Social Support Action Team (SSAT).

The aim of the SSAT was to ensure that older adults who were isolated due to COVID-19 social distancing measures had their social support needs met, so that they would not experience the harmful effects of loneliness. Over 30 Nevada organizations brainstormed how best to accomplish this goal, and together they decided to create The NEST Collaborative.

The NEST Collaborative (NEST = Nevada Ensures Support Together) officially launched on April 1, 2020 with a mission to foster relationships and community by harnessing the power of a statewide coalition to provide virtual, volunteer-hosted social support. 

Though originally created to serve older adults, NEST Collaborative programs have now expanded to serve veterans and adults living with disabilities as well. Additionally, The NEST Collaborative now provides technology assistance as well social support.  We now have over 30 Nevada aging-, disability-, and veterans-services organizations that comprise the NEST Collaborative coalition. 

Central to The NEST Collaborative‚Äôs mission is a value of reciprocity. We do not aim to deliver service but rather to open the space for new connections to form and mutual support to blossom. In this way, we see our programs as being beneficial not only for our Program Participants but for our Volunteers as well.  

Participants can select from individual and/or group-based options, and services available in English, Spanish, and other languages based on Volunteer availability. 

We hope you will consider joining one of our programs, or coming onboard as a Volunteer!

Our Partners

The NEST Collaborative was established through the collaboration of over 30 aging- and social- service organizations across the State of Nevada.

Affiliated Organizations

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Meet the NEST Collaborative Support Team

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Jennifer Carson


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Samantha Savalli

Graduate Research Assistant

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Mackenzie Howren

Graduate Research Assistant

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