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If referring an individual or yourself, please email or call us at (775) 682-8641

The NEST Collaborative (NEST = Nevada Ensures Support Together) fosters relationships and community by harnessing the power of a statewide coalition to provide virtual, volunteer-hosted social support and technology assistance with a special focus on connecting and engaging older adults, veterans, and adults living with disabilities.

NEST Collaborative programs aim to reduce social isolation and loneliness and ensure that Participant needs are met during the COVID-19 pandemic and onwards into the future. Participants can select from individual and/or group-based options, and services available in English, Spanish, and other languages based on Volunteer availability. 

The NEST Collaborative is comprised of 5 programs:

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One-to-One Calls

The purpose of these weekly one-to-one calls is to open opportunities for authentic, reciprocal relationships between Volunteers and Participants, while also identifying Participants’ unmet needs. If a need is identified, the Volunteer reports that need to The NEST Collaborative’s Resource Specialists, who then follow-up with the Participant for further information and connect the Participant with volunteer and/or professional support to meet the identified need. 

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Peer Social Groups

Founded on the values of inclusion, reciprocity, and respect, these virtual peer groups open a space for Participants to build relationships, socialize, and create a mutual support system. Once a week for an hour, Volunteers host groups of five Participants (or couples) via video- and/or tele-conference. Peer Social Groups help Participants stay connected and draw support from one another. By serving as facilitator, Volunteers set the stage for those Participants to construct an interdependent system of support. Though the group might begin as just a chance for Participants to socialize, true community will emerge once relationships among group members develop.

Tech Assistance

Whether it’s using Zoom to video-call with family, checking out with an online shopping cart, or accessing online programs, Tech Assistance Volunteers provide one-to-one technological coaching and mentorship to Participants looking to use technology to meet their needs. Each Participant in need will continue to be supported by the same volunteer until they have successfully navigated their desired use of technology.

Heroes for Heroes

The Heroes for Heroes partnership between The NEST Collaborative and the Nevada Department of Veterans Services specifically fosters the development of genuine relationships between Nevada’s veterans and Volunteer callers, opening an opportunity for Volunteers to hear the stories of Nevada’s heroes while providing a new connection in the Veteran’s life. Weekly calls are between the same Veteran and Volunteer each time, so the relationship continues to grow. Heroes for Heroes Volunteers have a specific interest in speaking with Veterans, and are taught about military culture as part of their Volunteer training.


The NEST Collaborative is currently collecting information from anyone who is interested in joining a new group program called JAVAconnects, which aims to connect people into shared online facilitated discussion to help reduce feelings of loneliness and depression. There are two versions of JAVAconnects: JAVAmusic uses music, quotes, and images as the basis for discussion, while JAVAsocial lacks the music component. The NEST Collaborative will be launching a JAVAmusic group for People living with dementia and their care partners, along with a JAVAmusic group for older adults in general and a JAVAsocial group for adults living with disabilities.

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